Sunday, May 25, 2008

Starting Out 2008

I finally got some new stuff on here! Here are some photos to get you caught up with life here in our household. As of the end of January, Jeremy is no longer working at Corgan. He has started his own photography business -
J.P. Rowland Photography and Fine Art. Check out his website at I am now working night shifts at Presbyterian Hospital of Allen. The location is ideal - only about 6 miles away. I'm especially thankful for the short commute when I'm driving home after a 12 hr. shift! Jeremy stays home with Ian during the days so I can sleep. We have learned some valuable lessons about God's provision. The new employment arrangement allows us so much more time together as a family.

Ian at the playground

Caleb & Ian at the park

Ian's first haircut

What a happy kid!


Daddy & Ian - I found them asleep on the couch when I came home.

Easter 2008

Easter 2008

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