Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ian is about 7 1/2 months old and growing like a weed. He took two steps on his own back on the 18th of November, but has decided that his new method of crawling is faster and more effective for now. Probably won't be long until he really is toddling around. He also likes getting around by standing up and pushing his toy rocket in front of him. Every day he seems to understand more and more of what's going on around him. He clearly understands the words "hungry" and "bottle" - you should see the way his face lights up at those words! And if I start counting - "1,2..", he gets all excited because he knows that on 3 he will probably get tossed in the air or spun around in circles. :) And he still has crazy hair! He is such a sweetheart!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!, originally uploaded by serowlandvt.

Happy Thanksgiving!

God has blessed us so greatly!

We have been blessed this year with new careers, a new home, friends,
wonderful family and our beautiful son! We pray you all have just as
much to be thankful for!

Jeremy, Stacey and Ian

Monday, November 19, 2007

Eldorado Heights Fall Festival

November 10, 2007
Ian, Jeremy & I went to the Eldorado Heights II Fall Festival in our neighborhood. It didn't feel much like fall - it was 85 degrees! Even so, we had fun. Everything was really geared towards older kids, but I tried to involve him in as much as possible. He just liked being part of the excitement and watching the other kids.

Ian and the firemen., originally uploaded by serowlandvt.

Ian & Mommy at the magic show.

Ian loved the funny voices that the magician used.

The Eldorado Heights II Fall Festival

Good throw!

Good throw!, originally uploaded by serowlandvt.

He liked the bright color of the tennis ball anyway.

Ian had fun with Mommy & Daddy

Trying to win a prize by picking the right duck.

Ian is still a little too young for a bouncy house full of other children.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Ian is such a happy baby!

Ian is such a happy baby!, originally uploaded by serowlandvt.

This is Ian at age 7 months.

Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

IMG_7175.jpg, originally uploaded by serowlandvt.

This is Ian's very own pumpkin that he helped to pick. He looks a little dazed because he was sound asleep on the way home.

I'm so thankful for my little guy.

IMG_7158.jpg, originally uploaded by serowlandvt.

"Which pumpkin should I pick?"

IMG_7133.jpg, originally uploaded by serowlandvt.

"This pumpkin sounds like a good one!"

IMG_7109.jpg, originally uploaded by serowlandvt.

Ian with mommy

IMG_7108.jpg, originally uploaded by serowlandvt.

Ian loved all the sights and sounds

IMG_7103.jpg, originally uploaded by serowlandvt.

Ian tried to talk to the goats and the cows!

IMG_7098.jpg, originally uploaded by serowlandvt.

These are the boys that stayed in our home

The house is much quieter now! The boys were very well-behaved and I think they had fun. Ian certainly enjoyed all of the extra attention - and now he's taking a long nap. God taught me a few lessons this weekend too - esp. about not sweating the "small stuff" and remembering that if we're willing to do what God asks of us, He will take care of all the details. It was good to be pushed outside of our comfort zone a little!

Here are the photos in the right direction - thanks to Jeremy

Ian in daddy's chair

Ian climbing his first tree

Ian loves his daddy

Can't always get Ian to look at the camera!

Friday, November 16, 2007

A house full of boys!

Guess what I did? I volunteered our house for a host home for a teen discipleship weekend sponsored by our church. That means that right now there are 9 seventh grade boys running around my house and yard! They have been pretty well-behaved so far. They arrived tonight about 6:00 and will be staying here until time for church on Sunday morning. As I'm writing this, I hear a discussion in the back yard about what would be the best thing to throw on the roof. Fortunately, they also came with an adult leader who is very closely supervising them.

Ian is getting so big!

Ian has gotten so big! He is now walking while holding onto the couch and pulling himself up to a standing position. He says Mama on a regular basis - though I'm not sure that he knows he's saying my name. He has the waving thing down about half the time and he has started giving very sweet and slobbery kisses.

Here are some photos of our little Ian taken in the last month. Apparently I need to change the way I download photos in order for you to be able to view them the right way. I tried to fix these, but I couldn't quite figure it out. So here they are sideways! If you want to see more photos - and in the correct direction, you can view my Facebook profile. If you don't have a facebook page yet, go to and search for me under Stacey Bell Rowland.