Monday, May 26, 2008

Christy's Graduation

We traveled to Florida the first week of May for my youngest sister's graduation from Pensacola Christian College. We had an awesome time!

Christy and Classmates from VT
Christy and her classmates from Vermont

Christy and a grumpy, tired, hot, hungry Ian.
Christy & a grumpy, hot, tired, hungry Ian.

Christy with her proud parents.
Christy & her proud parents

Hard to believe my little sister has graduated from college.
Hard to believe my little sister has graduated from college!

Picnic at Fort Pickens Beach, Pensacola after graduation
Picnic at Pensacola Beach after graduation. Ian got his first experience at the beach. So much fun!!

Phil Ronco - Grill Master

My parents booked a hotel in Orange Beach, AL for several nights. Christy just loved being on the beach, near the pool, and having the freedom to do whatever she wanted.

Hotel at Orange Beach, AL.
View from the balcony

Right on the water.
Right on the water

First swim of the season.
First swim of the season

Lounging on the windy beach.
Lounging on the windy beach

Pool time!

He loved his bucket of toys.

He's such a beautiful baby.

Aunt Christy, Grandpa & Ian
Aunt Christy, Grandpa & Ian


Dad, Mom & Christy
Dad, Mom & Christy

Isn't she cute?!
Isn't she cute?!

On our visit for Christy's graduation, we were able to spend time with Jeremy's family near Mobile. We always love hanging out there. And Ian got to see two of his cousins - Carter(4 yrs.) and Logan(10 mos.)

Look - it's Clavin & Hobbes!
Look - it's Calvin & Hobbes

Sitting in the driver's seat of Grandpa's motorhome.
Sitting in the driver's seat of Grandpa's motorhome

Ian & Grandpa Rowland
Ian & Grandpa Rowland

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